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Pool Fencing: Styles You Can Consider For Your Above Ground Pool

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Some people are under the false assumption that if they have an above ground pool it will be much safer than having an in-ground pool. However, if your above ground pool is installed with a deck, the chances of children and pets falling into the water is still a real risk. Fencing will also function to ensure that your kids do not throw out the pool accessories while they are in the pool. Here are a number of materials that you could consider for your pool fencing. Below are some of the styles that you could consider for your above ground swimming pool.

Vinyl pool fencing

If you are looking for a low maintenance solution when installing pool fencing, vinyl would be a suitable choice of material for you. This type of pool fencing will not succumb to premature wear despite the constant exposure to the elements. Typically, the vinyl fencing is installed around the lip of the pool, thus encircling it completely. The mounting brackets used to secure this type of fencing is quite strong, giving you the freedom to make your fencing as high as you want without worrying about its sturdiness.

Lastly, vinyl is one of the cost-effective options you could consider for your pool fencing, making it ideal for homeowners who would like to invest in low-cost fencing without compromising on quality.

Timber fencing

A common option for homeowners who would like a rustic looking fence is timber pool fencing. This is because timber will always seamlessly blend in with the outdoors, making it a great aesthetical addition to your be ground swimming pool. There are two main styles you could choose when opting to install timber pool fencing. The most common option would be to have the fence installed from the ground up and the slats encircling the pool. This fencing will function to ensure both children and pets cannot get access to the water unsupervised.

The second style that you could consider would be to install the timber fencing as part of a timber catwalk that surrounds the above ground pool. This alternative works best with homeowners that already have a deck constructed in close proximity to the pool area as it facilitates an easy transition from the deck to the pool area. It should be noted that timber fencing will require routine care and maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. Some of the maintenance measures you will have to engage in include treating the timber to prevent insect infestations, staining the timber, sealing the timber and more.