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How Expert Engineers in Restoration Can Help Your Vintage Home Remodel

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If you have recently purchased a vintage home for restoration and remodeling, then you may be looking for the best ways to get it back to its old glory. You can go by historic resources or images, but something that many people don't consider is the use of expert engineers with backgrounds in remodeling and restoration. If you aren't sure how this may help you and your vintage home remodeling, consider the following pros of using this type of service.

Exterior and Interior Evaluations

Though you likely had a building evaluations or expectation when you bought the home, these types of evaluations are to help ensure the house is up to code and liveable. They also check for things that may need to be upgraded. By hiring an expert engineer with a background in home remodeling and restoration, you get an evaluation that looks at the original material used as well as the condition of that material. This evaluation also lets you know if the house can hold up to having non-vintage materials removed to expose the original materials and what steps will need to be made to do that.

Preservation Design Consultation

Since you have purchased a vintage home, preservation and historic remodeling is likely part of your goals. You can handle this alone or with a general contractor, but you may be missing the mark on some things like the materials used or the layout of the home itself. If you want the house registered on the historical registry, this could be a costly issue.

An expert engineer with preservation and remodeling background knows what materials were used, the layouts of the various time periods, and most of all they know what the historic societies are looking for in order to register a home with their current listings.


One distinguishing factor between a contractor and a preservation and remodeling expert engineer is in the certifications. A contractor is licensed to help you build your home, remodel your home, and handling general contracting duties. An expert engineer with a background in restoration will have certifications that will help with your preservation and historic remodeling. These certifications include, but are not limited to, historic preservation certifications as well as historic re-roofing and cooper certifications.

If you want authentic look to your vintage home, then you will want to go with someone who can help you reach that authenticity. Though contractors help, an expert historical remodeling or preservation engineer will be more beneficial to your situation. For price estimates and evaluations for your specific home, contact an expert engineer today for a consultation.