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Three Supplies for Wood Pallet Projects

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Finding wooden pallets for sale may remind you of your social media boards and how many wood pallet projects you have waiting to be completed. This is especially true if you find the pallets on sale for a really deep discount. Before you snatch up pallets on a great deal and get your projects started, consider the supplies you will need to take your project to the next level. Here are three supplies to get you started and to make sure you have on hand if you plan on doing multiple projects using new or used wooden pallets.

Hand Sander

One of the key supplies you need for wood pallet projects is a hand sander. You will want to have this to smooth out rough spots on both used and new pallets. If you are new to hand sanders, consider finding one that comes with multiple sanding disks or papers and other attachments. This will let you use the different grains, figure out which ones work for you, and get used to the sander without spending the money on all the extras you may use just once, like heavy duty sanding disks.

Dremel Tool

When you purchase wooden pallets for sale, you may find that some are very rough meaning that not only the wood has to be sanded but so do areas with nails and staples. You may have to sand the nails down or cut them if they aren't flush with the wood and you need that piece for your project. If this is the case, having a dremel tool will help. This is a small, hand held tool that offers a variety of disks and attachments for sanding smaller spaces, cutting through metal, and smoothing off areas that have been cut away like extra nails or bolts.

Hammer with Nail Claw

If you don't already have one, you may want to consider a hammer that has a nail claw on one side. This is often the hammer that people think of when they think of a traditional hammer, rather than a mallet style hammer or rubber hammer. This type of traditional hammer will give you the ability to remove nails or staples, dismantle the wood pallets, and nail them back together to form the project you have in mind.

You may want to consider additional supplies like waterproofing stain to help color and seal the wood if the project is outside or apps to help you design your own projects for wood pallets. As you advance in your wood pallet technique and skills, you will find other tools and supplies you want to add to your kit.