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Key Factors to Consider When Renting Acrow Props

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Acrow props are remarkably essential structures in every construction project. Not only do they make construction easier, but they also prevent accidents and injuries that result from caving and falling structures. If you are undertaking a one-time construction or home improvement project, buying new acrow props may not be economical. You can save by renting them from construction equipment suppliers. How do you ensure that you get the most value from your rented acrow props? Here are some key factors to guide you.

Choose the right sizes

Acrow props are available in different sizes regarding height and load capacity. They are height adjustable as well. The height that you need the props to reach and the load capacity will determine the ideal size for your construction project. You can use a structural engineer to assist in determining the exact height of the wall, ceiling, doorway, or any other part of your structure you want to support. Otherwise, you can estimate the required support height and load capacity and rent acrow props whose size ranges correspond with the estimated measurements.

Depending on the applications, you may need acrow props of different heights and load capacities. For example, props for supporting walls may not be tall enough to support a part of a roof. Consider the support requirements to get the right sizes.

Assess the quality of acrow props

The downside of renting acrow props is that most of them are not new; therefore, you can easily rent props with structural faults. Before hiring acrow props, carry out a physical inspection to ensure they are structurally sound. Watch out for any rust on the metal which could compromise its structural integrity. You can even have the props tried first for better inspection. Assess the connection, links, and parts to ensure they are in good condition and functioning properly before purchasing the props.

Cut down the cost of renting

Renting acrow props is cheaper than purchasing new ones. However, the cost varies among construction equipment suppliers. While the actual cost of acrow props for hire may differ by a small margin, factors such as the location of the dealer and transportation costs will affect the total cost of acrow props. For the best value, choose a supplier within your local area for reduced transport costs. Also, you can use your truck to eliminate the additional cost of transportation by the supplier.

Finally, to get the best value from your rented acrow props, ensure they are installed correctly. For a home improvement project, you can get an expert to carry out the installation for you. Doing so will save you any costly damages that may result from incorrect installation of acrow props.