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Reasons to Use Pressure-Treated Pine For Your Deck

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If you are planning on installing a deck in your backyard, you might be considering one made of wood. While many people think about other materials that won't get damaged like wood does, you have the option of using pressure-treated wood, such as pine. Here are some reasons to use pressure-treated pine for your deck.

It Can Keeps Insects Away

Pressure-treated pine is not just treated for mould, mildew, and warping, but also for insect infestations. By using treated wood, you are able to avoid insects that like to destroy and eat wood, such as termites and carpenter ants. These insects don't just destroy the deck, but regular wood can attract them, where they also attack the rest of your home's structure. 

Pressure-Treated Pine Lasts a Long Time

While you can use other types of wood for your deck, you might end up having to replace it a lot sooner than pressure-treated wood. Wood that hasn't been treated with chemicals is prone to mould, mildew, warping, cracking, and insect damage. You may find that in just a few years, you are having to make major repairs to the deck or replace a large portion of it with new wood. If you go with pressure-treated pine, you might be able to have it for a decade or longer since the pressure treatment offers more protection.

It Has Eco-Friendly Qualities

Many people believe pressure-treated pine is less environmentally-friendly than natural wood since it uses a chemical process, but there are still ways it can lower your carbon footprint. For example, by using pressure-treated wood that tends to last longer, you aren't requiring more wood for repairs as often. This can reduce the overall stress on the rainforests by not buying as much wood overall for your deck. Also consider that you aren't using as many chemicals to keep insects away from the deck, which also helps it become more eco-friendly.

It Has the Natural, Warm Aesthetics of Wood

There are alternative to wood for decking, such as aluminum and vinyl, but even when made to replicate wood, it never looks exactly like it. You may not want to get regular untreated wood due to how high-maintenance it can be and the ease at which it gets damaged, which is how you benefit from pressure-treated pine. You get the longevity and low-maintenance qualities of vinyl, with the rich and warm look of real wood.