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How to Make Your Home's Aluminum Fencing More Decorative While Still Being Secure

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Aluminum fencing is a good alternative to wrought iron, as the metal of aluminum can easily be bent into just about any shape and then also powder coated to look like iron. This gives you a more affordable choice than wrought iron, and one that is very durable as well.

However, you may be concerned with the overall look of an aluminum fence, since you don't want your home to look like a compound or to seem overly imposing while still being secure. Note a few options you might discuss with your fencing contractor to make your home's aluminum fence decorative without compromising its security.

Curve the tops outward

Pointed fence posts can seem a bit imposing, so you might have the tops of the posts curved outward, away from your yard. This can mean added security, as it's difficult to scale a fence with a curved top, but curving those tops can still make your fence look attractive. The curve gives it shape and visual appeal and keeps it from looking too pointed and too tall or imposing.

Add scrollwork

Straight, pointed fence posts can seem very bland and dull and even a bit industrial, which is why scrollwork can be a good choice. You can add scrolling bars across the top part of the fence itself or in certain sections along the middle of the fence. This can break up the look of the posts and might also keep out anyone looking to squeeze through the bars.

Break up the material

If you choose aluminum fence posts, opt for another material for the fence columns. Brick, stone, or wood columns can soften the look of the metal and make the fence seem more homey and attractive. You can then also add a security camera or lights to these columns more readily than you can with thin aluminum columns, keeping your fence and your border secure.

Add landscaping

A good way to make any fence seem more attractive is to add landscaping. An aluminum fence can be a good choice for climbing vines, or for hanging plants on one side. Take advantage of the open posts and rails of the fence to add vegetation and plants, and note that they might provide privacy for your property. They can also make it more difficult to squeeze through those posts or bars, or to hold onto them in order to scale the fence and intrude upon your property.