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Small Features That Might Make Your New Home the Best Ever

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When working with a home builder, you don't want to overlook any feature that he or she might offer with your new house. This can mean even the small features that often make a home very comfortable and even very unique to you. Before you agree to plans drawn up by your home builder, note a few small features you might have him or her consider and include.

Organized workspaces

Do you enjoy woodworking, crafting, or working on cars? Having an organized workspace in your home can be a challenge once it's built, so consider talking to your homebuilder about how to have these features built in. This can mean shelves and storage in the garage or a small and completely separate room with customized shelving and storage for your hobby in particular.

LED lighting

LED lighting is cooler than standard incandescent bulbs and they also use less electricity. This can make your space more comfortable for your family and also mean paying less on your utility bills overall, since you don't need to run the air conditioner to keep the space cool with the lights on. Before your homebuilder designs the lighting for your home, discuss with him or her the use of LED lighting in all areas.

Home elevator

Once you have a home elevator, you may wonder how you ever lived without one. They can be used when hauling laundry to the second floor or bringing food trays to the bedroom. They're also good for those who are getting elderly or those with arthritis or other such issues. Talk to your homebuilder about this choice so he or she can include the elevator in a back space so it's less obtrusive and works well with your overall décor.

Computer equipment storage

A homebuilder may create a new office for you, but if it's just a blank space, this won't help you to store your computer and other peripherals very easily. Instead, you might discuss storage features that help you to hide your computer, a computer tower if you still have one, and supplies for the office. This can include hidden shelving for the printer so that you can close up a door and hide the printer away, and sliding drawers that allow you to slide your laptop away when it's idle. Built-in desks can also have slots for tablets and phones when they are being recharged as well as slots for cords. This can keep you organized and also keep your office looking its best.