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Surprising Services an Electrical Contractor Can Offer for Your Home

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When it comes to calling an electrician, you may think of hiring them only when the power is out in your home or when you want to upgrade its entire wiring. However, there are many services that can be offered by an electrical contractor that can make your home safer and even more comfortable for you. Note a few of those services so you know to call an electrical contractor rather than trying to tackle these jobs on your own.

Installing a generator

Many homes would do well to have a generator, especially if electrical services by the city are not always reliable or you live in an area that is prone to storms and subsequent electrical interruption. Trying to connect a large generator for your home can be tricky and difficult, as having one that turns on automatically when your power goes out means connecting it to the power supplies so it knows to switch on when needed. This is something best left to an electrician, who can then also connect your main lighting, appliances, and other such fixtures to the generator as well.

Fire and other alarms

Having a smoke alarm on the ceiling outside the kitchen is good, but you may want something more advanced for your home and especially if you have outbuildings that need protection from fires, such as a barn or grain silo. An electrical contractor can connect commercial-grade fire alarms to your home or barn so that you can quickly pull a lever and sound the alarm, as you see in offices and commercial buildings. This can be helpful for outbuildings where you may want to have the option of sounding an alarm rather than waiting for smoke detectors. Upgraded sensors can also detect high levels of heat, the presence of water in case of a flood, radon, and the like. An electrical contractor can install these in various areas of your home and property for you.

Trenching services

If you have outbuildings on your property, even a shed or garage where you work with power tools or a pressure washer, you might want to run electrical lines to those locations. However, it can be good to have them buried rather than simply stringing them along the rooftops, so they're protected from storms and other damage. An electrical contractor can typically help with trenching services so that you have electricity on any area of your property while having the lines safely buried and out of the way.

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