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Broken Splashback? 3 Preparation Steps For Kitchen Splashback Glass Repairs

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Even though splashbacks are made from toughened glass to withstand moisture and heat, a possible blow or force could cause them to crack. This unsightly crack can bring down the look of your kitchen, apart from causing a dangerous mess in the room. Broken and sharp glass shards are hazardous for unsuspecting people walking in the kitchen, so follow these preparation steps for undertaking kitchen splashback glass repairs.

Scrutinise And Clean Up The Shattered Glass Mess

If the glass splashback is partially shattered, scrutinise the surrounding glass to ensure that it remains stable.  Make sure you put on a pair of rubber gloves with protective clothing because unsecure glass may fall, shatter and injure you. If the glass splashback is completely shattered, make sure that all shards have fallen before cleaning the kitchen area. Close up your kitchen for the time being to prevent anyone from accidentally stepping on broken glass pieces. Start by brushing off the glass shards from around the splashback and tape it in place until the professionals undertake glass repairs or replacement. Make sure you sweep and vacuum thoroughly to remove the broken glass shards from your floors and benchtops.

Secure The Kitchen Splashback

Before calling for glass repairs, make sure you secure the kitchen splashback to prevent it from breaking further and injuring anyone in your home. If there is a hole or crack, seal it using industrial-grade masking tape. This should hold the kitchen splashback in place until the professionals arrive. If any large glass shards jut out from the glass splashback, remove them before you secure the kitchen glass splashback. After you apply masking tape to the splashback, cover it with some tarp to prevent any more pieces from falling off it. Keep in mind that this step to secure the kitchen splashback is only temporary until glass repairs or replacement is finished.

Get A Glass Repairs Specialist Quickly

Once you have secured the glass kitchen splashback, call a glass repairs specialist as soon as possible to manage the problem. The sooner you get a broken glass kitchen splashback repaired or replaced, the less stress you will have about injuries from straying pieces while you or someone else in your family cooks. Keep in mind that broken glass is delicate to work with, so always rely on professional experts for the best possible re-installation job.

A broken kitchen splashback is both ugly and perilous, so follow these smart steps in your quest to prepare well for kitchen splashback glass repairs.