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Why You Should Get Your Asphalt Parking Lot Sealed

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Asphalt is often used to pave parking lots and roads because it is durable, can handle extreme temperatures, and lasts longer with heavy usage. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't need occasional maintenance. Sealing is often done with bitumen over asphalt, as this helps to give it an additional coat of protection. Here are some benefits of sealing your asphalt parking lot.

It Protects the Asphalt From the Elements

While asphalt can handle a lot of temperature changes and weather conditions, they do wear away the surface over time. Without sealing, you are increasing the speed at which the asphalt deteriorates. For example, if you are using salt on the parking lot to get rid of snow and make it safe for vehicles to park there and people to walk on the surface, then that salt might be the asphalt surface's downfall. Sealing also protects from extreme cold and heat, chemicals, and petrochemicals that often end up on its surface from parked vehicles.

You Save Money in the Long Run

You likely spent a lot of money having the new asphalt parking lot installed, so it makes sense you want that surface to last. If you fail to seal the asphalt with bitumen, you are at risk of it cracking or deteriorating simply from time and regular usage. The sealing is done on a regular basis, depending on how heavily the lot is used, which keeps providing extra to protection to let the parking lot surface last longer. This will save you money by not having as many repairs and going longer before you need to call a road contractor to lay the asphalt again.

There is Less Cracking From Heavy Vehicle Usage

Speaking of asphalt cracking, this is an unfortunate thing you need to deal with if you don't seal your parking lot. A lot of vehicles will drive over the surface each day, some of which might be heavy-duty trucks and semis. The last thing you want to deal with is premature cracking just because the surface couldn't handle all the extra weight. If you have a lot that is often used by larger trucks, then it is a good idea to get it sealed, possibly more often than a traditional lot.

It Gives the Parking Lot a New Sheen

Also consider the fact that sealcoating a parking lot actually gives it a beautiful sheen that makes it look new. The sealant brings out the dark, satin-like look of the asphalt and makes it look as if you just laid the asphalt. This gives it a fresh look for potential customers and clients who want to visit your place of business, who are impressed by the new look.