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Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy flooring offer a tough, seamless finish that keeps concrete floors looking nice for a long time. Whether you intend to install epoxy flooring on the concrete floors in your residential or commercial building, you should first learn how to take care of the it. Here's what you can do to make sure your epoxy flooring is properly cleaned and maintained.

Regular cleaning

Any floor will wear and look unsightly if dirt is left to lie on the floor for a lengthy duration. Sweeping or vacuuming your floors with a soft-bristled broom or vacuum cleaner one or more times daily will go a long way in preventing dirt buildup on your floors, especially if your floors experience high traffic. Additionally, you should wet mop your floors as frequently as you think it's necessary with a soft-tufted scrubber, manufacturer approved cleansers and clean water and allow the floors adequate time to dry.

Even though dirt does not adhere to the surface of epoxy flooring, following this regular cleaning programme will help rid you of unwanted foot or vehicular debris that may cause your floors to age prematurely and lose their great look.  

Spot cleaning for spills  

Aside from posing the risk of slipping, liquid spills can have a damaging effect on your concrete floors, depending on the concentration of the substance spilled. Harsh chemicals, for example, can cause the surface of epoxy flooring to scour or fade if the chemicals aren't wiped off immediately and are left to 'settle' on your floors.

The best way to clean up spillage is by wiping them off with a mild detergent solution and a soft-bristle scrubber using the circular motion technique, which helps to prevent spreading of the spillage. In case staining occurs, progress from using the mild detergent solution to stronger cleansers until there's no more staining.


An occasional polishing of epoxy flooring with the right polishes will protect your concrete floor surfaces from minor scrapings and abrasions and maintain the bright, shiny look that is typical of polished concrete.


Re-applying the top layer of your epoxy flooring on a periodic basis will help maintain a tight seal on your concrete floors, minimising wear that may be caused by grinding soils and accumulated moisture. More so, the re-coat will restore the initial visual appeal of your floors.

If you can heed the above-discussed advice well, you shouldn't have a problem when it comes to keeping your epoxy flooring in good shape.