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How You Can Use Social Media to Evaluate Prospective Employers

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Are you a member of the skilled trades, such as a mason, who is looking for work? Would you like to learn about prospective employers in a way that is not possible during an interview? Read the following suggestions of how you can leverage social media in order to learn as much as you can about your prospective employers.

Pay Attention to When Construction Employees Post on Social Media

Construction work is known for being very demanding. The work hours can also be unpredictable since some projects have tighter deadlines than others do. Social media can give you a way to get an insight into how flexible the work hours are at the construction company where you would like to be recruited. You can be sure that work hours are flexible if you notice that employees post on social media at different times of the day. How can you know who the employees of the company are? You can use tools, such as Followerwonk to find employees who list the company in their bio.

Establish How Engaged Employees Are

You can also learn how employees feel about their employer by reviewing how engaged those employees are with the company on social media. You can tell that employees enjoy working for a company if they keep sharing or commenting about the posts that are put up on the construction company's social media pages. For instance, it would be strange if construction employees did not like the photos uploaded when a completed building is being handed over to the owners.

Assess How the Construction Company Handles Client Complaints on Social Media

The digital age has given people several options that they can use to vent their anger or express their happiness. Consequently, past or current clients of the construction firm that you wish to join may have voiced their concerns on the social media accounts of the construction company. Read the type of complaints posted, if any, and examine how the company responded to those posts. If the construction company did not respond to that feedback, see that as a possible sign that the employers there may not be concerned about how they are perceived by employees and clients. Companies that respond quickly to the feedback of their clients on social media may also extend the same care to employees.

As you can see, you can learn valuable information from social media in a way that would be very difficult during an interview. Use the tips above to help you to be sure that the construction firm that you would like to join has a healthy work culture that nurtures a sense of belonging among all the construction workers.

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