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Patio Blinds | 3 Considerations When Choosing Between Vertical And Roller Blinds For Your Patio

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If you've decided to install patio blinds for your outdoor living space, then you've got to choose between different styles, colours and patterns based on your personal preferences and patio décor. These types of patio accessories are ideal for bringing privacy and keeping sunlight away. This guide aims to help you consider certain factors when choosing between vertical and roller patio blinds.

Light Filtering Features

If light filtering is a key consideration for you, then vertical patio blinds are ideal because they allow you to control the level of light you invite into the space. Roller blinds, on the other hand, need to be moved up and down, which doesn't now allow you to filter and control external light as easily as you can with vertical blinds. If you decide the roller blinds are ideal for your patio, then you can choose light filtering fabrics to help you invite light in without compromising on your privacy. Light filtering fabrics are typically made from mesh and sit close to the windows to produce a screen-like effect. If you're looking for an uncomplicated light filtering choice, then vertical patio blinds are a good decision.

Door Or Window Blind Applications In Patios

Patio blinds can either be installed on doors or windows in patios. This will influence your choice between vertical and roller blinds. If you're planning to install blinds against patio windows, then both choices are ideal for you. If you're looking to install patio blinds for your doors, then vertical blinds are better, especially if you have sliding doors. This is because they open sideways, following the same operation as your patio doors. On the other hand, roller blinds open upward, which can obstruct seamless outdoor to indoor movement and vice versa.

Material Choices

Vertical blind slats are usually operated by a drawstring or remote control to open, shut and control light, so you're virtually unlimited with your choices for materials. This allows you to choose from materials like timber, aluminium, block-out fabric, light-filtering fabric, PVC and much more. On the other hand, since roller blinds operate on a rod by following a rolling mechanism, the fabric needs to be soft. In this instance, your choice may be limited to block-out and light-filtering fabrics. If you're looking for a wide range of material choices, then vertical patio blinds are the ideal choice for your alfresco space.

Follow these considerations in your quest to choose between vertical and roller patio blinds for your outdoor living area.