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Reasons Your Garbage Disposal May Be Leaking

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One of the more crucial aspects of the kitchen is the garbage disposal. Despite being quite durable, it is not immune to springing a leak at one time or another. This is because it comprises numerous components ranging from outlets, seals, connections, inlets and rings. When your garbage disposal springs a leak, you could try to troubleshoot the problem on your own. It should be noted though that if you cannot permanently stop the leak or locate it in the first place, it is always best to enlist the services of a professional plumber to prevent the problem from becoming exacerbated. Here are some of the reasons why your garbage disposal may be leaking.

The sink flange has become compromised

The top most section of your garbage disposal system is known as the sink flange. It is aptly named because it is the point at which it makes contact with the kitchen's sink drain. One of the more common reasons why the sink flange may be compromised is if one of its mounting bolts has come loose. Typically, there are three of these bolts that keep the sink flange secured. You should tighten all of them and check to see if the leak has stopped.

The sink flange could also become compromised if the plumbers putty has disintegrated. To replace or reinforce the putty, loosen the flange's retaining bolts to create a gap for the new putty. Apply the putty. Do not use the garbage disposal or the sink until the newly applied plumber's putty has completely dried or it will not set properly

The dishwasher connection has become compromised

If your garbage disposal system is connected to your dishwasher's drainpipe, then this could be the cause of the leak. This dishwasher connection eliminates any food particles that have adhered onto the dishes as they are put through the dishwashing cycle. If the leak is springing from the hose that attached the garbage disposal unit to the dishwasher, then you may have to hire a plumber to come and replace this for you.

It should be noted that leaks might also spring up if the clamp connecting the hose between dishwasher and the garbage disposal has come loose. In this instance, all you would need to do is tighten the clamp that holds this connection together and this should get rid of the leak. The clamp may also come loose if it has acquired some cracks. If this were the case, you would require a plumber to come replace this component post haste. To learn about plumbing issues, click for more info.