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3 Electrical Upgrades For A New Office

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The need for bigger office space is often created by the need to keep up with the growth trend of business entity. Many times, business owners are forced to undertake renovation-related activities on new office premises so as to create a more comfortable work environment for employees.

This article discusses three important electrical upgrades that every business owner should consider when renovating a new office.

The Switchboard Upgrade

The switchboard is perhaps the best place to start when looking to make electrical upgrades in a new office. Upgrading the switchboard paves the way for all other electrical upgrades that you may want to make during the renovation, and in the near future. This is because the intended electrical upgrades (apart from a switchboard upgrade) will increase the power demands on the commercial electrical switchboard. It's therefore a good idea to upgrade to a higher-voltage switchboard in preparation for the intended upgrades.

A switchboard upgrade may also make the work environment safer for your employees. For example, replacing a ceramic-fused switchboard with one that uses automatic circuit breakers reduces chances that employees will cause commercial electrical fires by an enviable margin.

The Fence Upgrade

The thought of getting electrocuted is often enough to dampen the spirit of anyone who may think of gaining unauthorized access into the new office premises. Thus, installing an electric fence is among the best ways to improve security in the commercial entity.

Putting up an electric fence does not necessarily mean that an existing fence has to be brought down. The existing fence can be electrified through the permanent installation of live electric wires on the fence.

While at it, you can take advantage of the fact that you've got an upgraded switchboard to install a solar-powered electric fence charger (often referred to as an energizer) instead of relying on an AC or DC-powered energizer. With a solar-powered energizer, the business owner will have increased security around the premises without increasing the electricity utility bill for the premises.

The Air Conditioning Upgrade

In a large number of cases, commercial buildings will be fitted with traditional-style split-system air conditioners.

It might be a good idea to replace the traditional-style conditioner with its reverse cycle counterpart. A reverse cycle split-system air conditioner extracts heat from the atmosphere instead of using electricity to generate the heat used for air conditioning within the commercial premises.

Installing a reverse cycle conditioner is bound to lower the electricity utility bills for the new premises long into the future. Contact a company like Aardvark Electrics for more information.