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Building a pool house

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If you have a swimming pool it will often be used mostly on the days with a lot of sun. However, on those days, you might also like some shade so that you don't bake in the sun once you are out of the pool. 

Here are some things to consider as you plan your pool house. 


As people come in the pool house they'll usually be soggy. Water-friendly options can include polished concrete, tiling, and plastic based decking options. Unfortunately, these options can also become slippery when wet (especially if there are also some sunscreen or tanning oil spills on the ground). When planning your flooring, consider getting anti-slip coating applied on the flooring to prevent accidents. 


While you might like an open walled poolhouse to connect the pool to the poolhouse, if you live in a windy area it can often be good to have an option of shutting the pool doors during windy periods (including at nights). Often shutters or bifold doors can be a great option to be able to easily shut the doors if you expect bad weather, but can also be opened up easily when the weather is perfect. 


The poolhouse often becomes a place to store pool toys and swimming accessories. It can be useful to incorporate some wall hooks for towels and robes as well as laundry bins to take washing back to the main house. If you are also storing goggles, fins, and other pool toys look to have some storage with a mesh or airflow solution built in to stop your pool toys from getting a mildew buildup. 

Food and beverages

A poolhouse is a lovely place to do some entertaining when friends come over. It can be a good idea to have a some facilities to store and prepare some food, such as fridge for cool drinks and icy poles as well as a bench to help you prepare some nibbles. Make sure to also have somewhere to wash up the plates or you may spend your summer time also entertaining insects such as ants, flies, and mosquitos. 

A poolhouse can be a wonderful way to make the most of your yard and make your pool even more of a focal point for summer entertaining. If you are contemplating building a poolhouse you should contact a builder to discuss how your family uses the pool area and work out the best design for your home.